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Not many people are familiar with bongs, so their prospect of smoking using them can be slightly intimidating. Usually, bongs are culturally known as somewhat more potent as compared to other smoking instruments.

Though the smoke may lose some of its effects going through 2 chambers of water, however the intake can be far easier. Most people will then be able to ingest more smoke as compared to what they normally would.

You can easily buy such percolators from online smoke shop of Express, which will be of good quality and durable too. You can also get following few different styles of percolators.

  • Honeycomb percolators

Actually, the honeycomb percolator’s shape provides them the required functionality they need for efficiently filtering the smoke. For tube of your bong, round discs will fit perfectly and small holes will excel in diffusing smoke.

All these they are able to accomplish without slowing down your smoking process.

  • Tree percolators

These percolators are quite simple. There is collection of rods which resemble tree limbs within tube of your bong. There can be lots of diffusion with few slits for each “limb”.

Many tree percolators may easily break but the one constructed with borosilicate glass will be more durable than others.

  • Inline percolators

These are just horizontal tubes having several slits. More there are slits the more percolation will take place. Often they complement with other percolators.

This percolator sacrifices a down-stem to favor an inline percolator by having additional showerhead percolator that is placed just above inline percolator.

  • Matrix percolator

Usually matrix percolators are placed at center, having plenty of space all around them, which makes it quite aesthetic. Since top holes have not much resistance, so the lower holes will not bring enough smoke.

  • Turbine percolators

This percolator will excel in function and also deliver unique aesthetic. Due to its shape, water will travel up of the pipe, and provide effective filtration besides incredible visuals.

  • Fritted disc percolators

These percolators are the most powerful one and are similar but yet little more intense form of honeycomb percolators. Having more holes, they can fill the piece with bubbles, and produce plenty of smoke to inhale.

Actually, sheer number of holes will make cleaning a real nightmare.

  • Showerhead percolators

These percolators use tube which connects to main chamber for bringing smoke back through larger tube, and directing smoke down and then into another percolator having  varying numbers of slits.

  • Spiral percolators

Spiral percolators are also referred to as coil percolator, and this kind of style will simply bring the smoke via the coil and can increase the cooling potential. Compared to any other percolators, these spiral percolators will provide longer and smoother drags.

  • Faberge egg percolators

Faberge egg percolator may not efficiently filter the smoke independently but, it can work well while they are paired with any other percolator.

Instead of placing this percolator within vary close to any other percolator, you can allow smoke to filter as well as spread out to offer bubbles little more surface area.

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