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Adding a chandelier to any room can enhance its beauty by many folds. After all, a chandelier is such a light fixture which very conveniently attracts anyone. Furthermore, the new chandelier designs can be added to big as well as small rooms. If you are considering adding a stunning chandelier to your room, here are a few useful ideas for you…

Adding crystal chandelier in small rooms

There are many small rooms as well as apartment which need proper lighting solutions to look beautiful. Now, natural light is certainly very important, but the type of lighting fixtures you choose plays a key role in illuminating the space properly. Also, when it comes to adding a chandelier, you have to consider the overall look and design of the room.

Lighting ideas for small kitchen and dining area

Adding lighting fixtures to a small kitchen shouldn’t make you feel anxious. There are small chandeliers available in the market today, and they are a perfect pick for island lighting. To learn more about small size lighting fixtures, visit, which is a perfect place to find best lighting fixtures for your home and office.

Next, when we talk about lighting fixtures for dining area, it is important to consider the ceiling height and size and shape of the table. For instance, for a rectangle table, a rectangular chandelier will look perfect. Then again, above round dining tables, drum shade pendant light fixture looks best.

Chandeliers for small bedrooms

When it is about selecting bedroom lights, everything depends on your personal taste and preference. Small scale crystal chandeliers are by far the most attractive lighting fixture for bedrooms. However, if your ceiling height is low, go for flush or semi-flush mounted lighting fixtures.

Big lighting fixtures for big rooms and spaces

Large flushed ceiling lights are perfect for big residences, commercial buildings and hotels. There are both, modern and traditional designs available in large scale crystal chandeliers and they are great when it comes to making a statement.

Usually, for bigger rooms, large flush lights are available in sizes between 24 inches to 42 inches wide. The usual height is between 22 inches to 24 inches.

Traditional large crystal lights

For those, who are looking for a grand chandelier, but prefer it hanging close to the ceiling, the traditional large crystal chandelier is the best pick. This stunning oversized chandelier comes from sizes 26 inches wide and 27 inches height. Usually, these types of light fixtures are perfect for big hotel lobbies, ball rooms, large residences, grand office reception areas, etc.

Mounted foyer lights

Lean and long flush mounted foyer lights are great at creating a perfect first impression. They create an illusion of flowing from the ceiling. The smooth and polished chrome frame and crystal beads never fail to attract the attention of anyone of passes by.

Well, you see, adding lights to both small and big spaces does need some thinking, but since there are many great designs available, the task isn’t very difficult. If you are looking for some lighting fixture options, is totally worth checking out. They have fixtures in latest designs and styles, and thus you can expect to find a perfect match.

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