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Whether it is an official meeting or event, visiting venues, hotels and other places became too difficult due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Those who want to start conducting in-person functions has to take a lot of care from physical distancing arrangements to safety protocol, safe food, etc.

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Recovery of event industry: Where and how to start meetings safely?

Venues are important part of event industry. You have to implement social distancing practices and take necessary precautions to reduce the risk.

Thermal scanning is a must-have security level for people who want to attend an event. It helps in identifying symptomatic people. Even though, there is a doubt on thermal scanning effectiveness, but still it is the most important measure that is expected by attendees and planners. Venues that provide this facility will keep themselves ahead from others.

How to prepare for a safe event and meeting?

Sanitization policy is also an important element for event venue who want to restart their business. Make a plan to handle the infected person at your venue. Follow the below principles to prepare your venue for future meetings:

  • Protective equipment and social distancing
  • Checking temperature
  • Contact tracing and isolation
  • Disinfection and sanitization in common and crowded places
  • Procedures and policies for staff to trace the coronavirus positive persons

Social distancing may alter future meetings

Social distancing affects future events in various ways from room configuration to seating arrangements. According to event planning experts, keeping tables apart of 6 feet and creating 12 foot passageway will help in maintaining social distance at event venues. Also, considering marks on carpet to show how far people should stand in a line is essential too.

To host safe events and meetings at a venue you have to be in contact with federal, state and local guidelines. If you want to deliver safe experience to employees and attendees, then plan steps like:

  • Cleaning protocols
  • Sanitization policies
  • Training to employees
  • Accessing PPE kits

Food and beverages at event during COVID-19

Self-service option is not a right option during this situation. Seated dining is an ideal choice to prevent crowding. Prefer packed meals so that you can place them at seats during event. Avoid serving beverages and food where multiple persons touch them like a blow of chips. If possible, arrange events in open-air environment or choose a room that has airflow. With this, people will get fresh air.

It’s time to take as much care as possible to stay safe. In places, where social distancing is difficult face masks are ideal. So, ask attendees, your employees and planners to wear face masks to prevent the transmission of virus.

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