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You must always keep and maintain your bong in very clean condition. You should not just clean for achieving the best flavor, smoothest high and biggest rips, but also by using unclean bong, it can result into bad health too.

You must understand that, it will take just about 24 hours and all the stale water present in your bong will turn into bacteria breeding ground. Besides, sticky resin present on your bong may also promote mold and bacteria growth.

Due to that reason, you must regularly keep your bong perfectly clean after each use. Don’t worry, basic bong cleaning will not take too long time and it is quite easy too. There are many different varieties of bongs for sale in Express Smoke Shop, from where you can also get good cleaners too for your bongs.

Following are few things that you should know about bong cleaning.

1. Rinse your bong after you have used it

It is always better to rinse your bongs before you go to bed, especially after having used it. If you always clean after the use every day, then you need not make too much effort. If all parts are detachable then it is fairly easy to clean.

Prefer to use little lukewarm water and rinse it well and after that, you must dry it out, so that no water particle remains.

2. Invest a little on cleaning solutions

There are bong cleaner solutions available and you can also buy them online from Amazon too. You will find a cleaner known as “Formula 420 bong cleaner” which has been rated with 4.5 stars in over 1000 reviews. This is very efficient and fast cleaner and is also very easy to use.

Many people even use alcohol with table salt too, but for acrylic bongs, salt may create scratch.

3. Cleaning caps/plugs

There are cleaning caps available exclusively meant for VITAE glass. Try to shake your bong hard in different directions for getting the solution in all nooks and corners. Every set will come with two cleaning caps meant for mouthpiece, that has two ends, and use same cap for your base.

In order to get maximum result, mix it with any cleaning solutions that you can always buy.

4. Invest a little on cleaning brushes too

Your bongs may also be with added filtration like honeycomb, percolator and inline which are good for you, because they will offer the smoothest rips. However, it can be a little tricky to clean them, especially if you are not cleaning consistently.

So, you must buy cleaning brushes and they come in many sizes and are also quite flexible. You can easily reach to most difficult areas.

5. Purchase detachable bongs

Nowadays you can get bongs that are detachable. Such type of bongs makes cleaning much easier as compared to traditional bongs. By using them, you can also save money for using less amount of cleaning solution, and easily reach to impossible areas for cleaning.

Thus, you can also save money for buying new bongs every year.

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