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As we grow old, our body’s internal processes to work-out for the recovery process of skin may slow down. Due to this reason, you will notice various signs of aging, like wrinkles and fatigue etc.

Such changes may also be surprising in case they start happening much earlier than expected, therefore this term “premature” aging is used.

However, it is impossible to avoid such changes completely, but few ways are there to reduce these signs of aging to appear in your body, particularly if they are happening much before you are ready for embracing them.

CBD can help for your aging skin

Your aging skin may become thinner, drier and also more fragile, due to wrinkles and fine lines developing over time. Such condition is due to damage caused by free radicals that are unstable molecules present within the body. Such molecules are built up over a period of time causing damage at cellular level.

Antioxidants can stop such damage caused due to free radicals, and can stabilize the molecules much before they can cause damage to your skin. CBD because of its antioxidant properties, may help in protecting our skin from damages and also reduce various signs of aging.

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Few signs of premature type of aging

Many people start seeing the following aging signs even before they turn 35 years of age.

  • Sun spots

Such hyper-pigmented spots will develop on the face, back of hands, or on the forearms. Particularly after attaining the age of 40, fair skinned people may see all these sun spots.

  • Gaunt hands

Often your hands will start appearing veiny and thin, which will be prone to wrinkles.

  • Inflammation along chest

Such hyperpigmentation is not always due to aging. It may be result of either eczema or any other skin conditions which damage melanin cells of your skin.

  • Dry skin

Dry skin may happen more because of thinning skin which is more susceptible due to dehydration.

  • Wrinkles

After you cross 30, your skin will slow down production of collagen, which is a protein that will give the skin proper shape. Collagen helps your skin to bounce back to stay plump.

  • Hair loss

Usually, hair loss happens while stem cells trigger new growth of hair, then your hair follicles may die off. In addition to that, hormone changes, environment factors, genetics, your diet all can play some role for hair loss.

Causes of premature aging

Following are few important reasons for premature aging:

  1. Excessive smoking
  2. Sun exposure
  3. Genetic factor
  4. Sleeping habits
  5. Diet
  6. Alcohol/caffeine intake
  7. Environment
  8. Stress

Once you start noticing the signs of your premature aging, then you must take necessary steps to address various reasons that are making changes in your body. He other option is that you just leave it to nature.

There is however no wrong or right way to handle your aging and what you decide to do with your body is entirely your choice.

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