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Halloween is a holiday celebrated every year on October 31. The tradition originates from Celtic festival called Samhain. This day marked the end of summer and starting of cold winter season. People believed that ghosts of the dead are returning to earth on this day. So, they used to wear costumes to ward off the ghosts.

Now Halloween day is the second largest commercial holiday after Christmas. This day needs a specific decoration that stands out. People usually decorate their homes with ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and spider webs. Here are some Halloween decoration tips to make your space a unique one.

Before shopping for decoration items, consider a common theme so that you can make your shopping easier. Choose easy crafts so that your kids too can get involved and enjoy the fun. Halloween decorations are all about scare. So, include some scary set up like fake spiders, skeleton etc.,

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Here are some easy to do Halloween decorative ideas that is suitable for everyone, even if you are a novice.

Spider Webs

If you are not in a mood of buying any synthetic spider webs, you can try embroidering one. Just weave a simple web design in an embroidery ring and attach a big black spooky spider. You can make the spider easily using yarn and pipe cleaners. You can decorate any area of your room with this DIY spider webs.

Halloween Skulls

You can get cheap plastic skulls from the stores and decorate them as you wish. You can place them anywhere – in your bookshelf, on the table, or even on the nightstand. It just looks great anywhere indoors.

Spiders And Bats

There are plenty of spooky projects that you can easily make at the same time they have a great impact on your decorations. your own spiders using pipe cleaners. Using twine, you can make the spooky spider garland and hang it anywhere you like.

Using black paper or felt, you can make flying bats. Or you can even use stencils to cut out the shapes. Make a cascade of flying bats and decorate your space. You can hang them to your railings or attach them to a branch.

Ghost Balloons

Balloons are the simple and way to decorate your space for Halloween. Use permanent marker and draw ghostly faces on the balloons. To get maximum effects, you can attach crepe papers.

Ghost Wreath

You can easily make Halloween ghost wreath using tissue papers. Or you can make wonderfully frightening cute wreath using few orange feather boas and wiggle eyes of various sizes. Decorate your door with these cute ghost wreaths.

Flying Bat Centerpiece

Within few minutes, you can make this amazing centerpiece that is perfect for Halloween décor. With cut out bats, thin branches and vase, you can make this spooky décor. Try to find a black painted branch that is at least three inches in height so that you can create a little scary ambience.

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