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Conversion rates define the percentage of website visitors that complete your brand’s desired goals out of the total visitor’s number. High conversion rate means your web design and marketing is a success. There is no standard for a reasonable conversion rate, but it depends on the ease of navigation, attractive offers, and visitor’s interest level.

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Below is some creative website designing tips that can enhance your website performance, drive traffic, and increases sales. It is advised to implement one at a time, so you get time to run the A/B test and identify the main culprit behind the lackluster conversions.

Big & bold typo

The trend is to use big bold typos because users can read and understand them with ease. It keeps them engaged and they desire to get familiar with your brand. It increases the possibilities of conversions.

Simplicity is the mantra

If visitors landing on your website cannot easily access the information they came in search of, they bounce back. Some sites are so busy with flashy graphics, widgets, and pop-ups that visitors forget the reason they came to your website and leave instantly. The extra menus, pop-ups, and sidebars keep people engaged, but even distract them from taking actions. Bombarding visitors with plenty of choices means creating confusion and they don’t take action at all.

Incline towards simplicity because people learn a lot when the surrounding is pleasing. Single column layout will work well even on responsive sites. You just need to re-organize, if you plan to add a crucial sidebar for your desktop version. Use sticky pop-ups because they stay on one edge without frustrating visitors.

Use negative space

Technically, the white space, which has no elements are termed as ‘Negative space’. If it is a space between the sidebar and content or the header and the content then you can use the space to attract and engage visitors. Position a call-to-action button in this space to enhance your likelihood of a conversion.

Negative space even means how you write the text. Rather than writing huge text blocks, you can make several paragraphs including 3 to 4 lines each. Leave lots of room between the lines, headings, as well as screen edges. It gives the visitors eye to glide smoothly across the screen.

Avoid too creative menus

Best way to create navigation menus is to –

  • Keep them simple
  • Place them at familiar locations
  • Use contrast color ration for background and text
  • On the long pages make menus sticky
  • Use known labels like ‘Blog’ and ‘About Us’
  • Menu items need to be small but clickable on every device

Include stunning high-quality graphics

People spend more than 8 to 10 hours online. Therefore, offer visitors a comprehensive experience using bold and bright graphics. The photos need to be relevant or will not serve your purpose. Optimize the images with proper ALT tags & descriptions to enhance website visibility to search engines, as well.

Remember to put users first, while designing your business website and not the marketers or designers. It has to be easy for the visitors to respond to your CTA and enhance your conversion rate.

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