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Earned income is taxable in several ways – by Social Security, Medicare, Federal & State level, etc. A huge part of your budget includes tax expense. You cannot avoid them. However, you can wisely manage your taxes. It can make a significant difference in your financial freedom goal for early retirement.

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Smart tax strategies to achieve financial freedom for early retirement

Tax planning is crucial for reaching your goal of financial freedom and early retirement.

Increase charitable deductions

Your charity donation makes you feel good. It helps less fortunate people to get necessary basic facilities from the money you donate. You also gain the benefits of tax deductions. Charitable contributions are deductibles. Document all the deductions after you understand the ones that can be and can’t, before filing your taxes.

Increase retirement savings

When contributing towards the 401k or the 403b plan your taxable income gets reduced. Therefore, divert your extra earnings in your retirement savings account. You can max your contribution, at the end of the year, if you have not already.

People who don’t have a workplace retirement plan can contribute up to $6,000 towards a traditional IRA. There may be tax implications on withdrawal depending on the year and account holders’ tax bracket. RMD withdrawal age according to the SECURE ACT is 72 years.

Understand bad investment tax effects

You are planning to liquidate the property of securities because their value is declining. Nevertheless, remember investment property losses get written off, which depends on your yearly income. You even need to calculate capital gains and losses. You can deduct only $3,000 yearly in capital losses. Therefore, understand your options to make a smart and strategic tax planning move.

Adjust your withholdings

It doesn’t matter if you make adjustments to your withholdings all around the year. For tax liabilities increasing your withholdings is beneficial. It cuts down the jeopardy of owing more while filing your taxes. Consult a reliable tax advisor to determine the best withholding [bond, stocks, mutual funds, and property] to be added in your tax planning.

Monitor your FSA

Flex Spending Account needs monitoring. FSA mismanagement can cause money loss. If the account is strategically managed, you can gain benefits for health and childcare.

Start a business

For creating extra income, you can start a side business. It can offer multiple tax advantages. If IRS guidelines are followed then the business owner can deduct some percentage of their home expenses under home office deduction. A certain percentage of the internet and utilities used for business can be deducted from the income.

Use HSA or Health Savings Account

A person with a high-deductible health insurance policy can use HSA to lessen the taxes. Money grows without any concern about tax liabilities on the earnings. When HSA is used to pay medical expense bills, then the withdrawals are not taxed.

These are some smart ways to enhance your tax planning strategy. How you manage taxes is a huge factor to achieve your financial freedom and early retirement goal.

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