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At, you can perform an Avuncular DNA test. It is a little different than DNA paternity testing. It is also known an aunt/uncle test. It helps to determine whether the subject is a biological nephew or niece of the uncle/aunt. It can also be termed as DNA genetic testing. Why is there a need to perform this kind of analysis?

Reasons for getting an Avuncular DNA analysis

For genetics validation

The common reason is to find whether the subject is a biological uncle or aunt of someone in cases where a father is unavailable or missing for paternity testing. Brother, sisters, and siblings share a specific genetic chromosome level. Therefore, when a father is not available to give a DNA specimen, the siblings of a suspected father can help. Their specimen is compared to check for genetic makeup. For the uncle DNA test, you can approach

For biological relationship confirmation

Biological relationship confirmation is needed for many reasons like –

  • Medical history
  • Inheritance claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Social security benefits

For Immigration approval

In the immigration process, Avuncular DNA analysis is used. If a relative sponsors an immigrant’s legal residency or citizenship, then there is a need to prove their relation in immigration court.

You can do it with birth certificate documentation. However, in case you cannot produce it or any other paperwork that proves their relationship then a DNA test is performed. For the DNA test results to be admissible there are specific guidelines that need to be followed.

For ancestry 

If you want information about your ethnic heritage, then you can opt for an avuncular DNA test at home. When you approach the PaternityUSA lab with a DNA test order, they will send a collection kit. The kit contains a sterilized buccal, swab, and guidelines to follow. You can collect the DNA sample at home and mail it for testing to You will get the test results emailed in a few days. With this test, people find details about where their ancestors originated.

How to read the Avuncular DNA test reports?

When an Avuncular DNA test for child and aunt gets performed at PaternityUSA, the DNA structure of aunt and child gets matched to identify specific matching markers between the two profiles.

The three possible outcomes are –

  • Excluded – Probability is 0.0% if DNA does not don’t match a minimum of 23 to 25 genetic markers.
  • Not excluded – Probability is 99% and more. It is a legal relationship proof because even the court accepts 97% probability.
  • Inconclusive – In rare situations, where there is insufficient DNA offered. After this report, there will be a need to re-submit the DNA sample.

Relationship testing 

  • 90.9% to 99.9% – Confirmed
  • 80% to 90% – Highly likely
  • 50.01% to 79.99% – Possible [Will need DNA from additional family members for conclusive results]
  • 49.9% to 30% – No likely [Will need DNA from additional family members for conclusive results]
  • 29.9% to 10.01% – Highly unlikely
  • 10% to 0% – Impossible

For relationship testing Parenting uses approved AABB markers.

DNA test cost

The avuncular DNA test cost charges differ. It depends on the kind of DNA test you desire to make. For example, the Family DNA costs $325, while the maternity DNA costs $115. Visit to get an idea of the variety of packages they offer.

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