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Bifold doors allow for seamless merging of the indoor living spaces, with your outdoor garden or backyard. They are becoming a part of almost all new constructions and home extension renovations.

Folding sliding doors are designed with diverse materials and finishes. The most popular materials used are aluminium, uPVC, and hardwood. You buying decision should be based on your budget, dimension, and practicality. You will also need to consider other factors like thermal performance and glass sightlines. Also you will need to decide if the top hung or bottom rolling system best suits your personalized needs.

Bifolding Door Factory has been manufacturing and installing branded Schuco bifold doors across the UKThe sliding doors operate smoothly and have a secure locking system. Fabricators have engineered these products with care and precision. In this post, let’s discuss on the most preferred aluminium bifold doors among homeowners.

Size options

Aluminium bifold doors are custom designed to precisely fit a specific opening size, according to customer’s specifications. Customization offers homeowners a design that fits every kind of aperture. Custom doors are also designed for openings that have odd shapes. Technically, there are limitations on minimum and maximum size of the outer frames, but some fabricators are flexible and offer appropriate options.

The main advantage of aluminium over wood and uPVC is its strength and capacity to design extremely large frames. Large outer frames will accommodate more panels. You can also use wider glass that offer a better view

Colours & finishes

Aluminium bifold doors are available in more than 150 colours and tones. The most popular ones are white, black, and dark grey. Black is an all-time classic that looks great with other colour schemes. White offers a calm and relaxing effect. You can even choose a wood-grain finish to give it hardwood looks. You get choices like walnut, mahogany, and oak.

Aluminium products use powder coating, anodized, or paint finish. Powder coating makes use of powdered paint to colour the pre-treated aluminium framework using an electrostatic process. The next step is to heat the framework at 200°C. It toughens the coating making it scratch-proof and more hardwearing than normal painting. The surface is completely smooth and looks aesthetic. You will not have to face issues like warping, expanding, and high maintenance.

Installation & maintenance

Proper experience and technical know-how are important to install the aluminium bi-fold doors. Precise measurements are required for making appropriate customizations, so that the doors fit the opening snugly. Therefore, you will need to choose the seller who offers the services of qualified professionals to do the job.

If there is no existing opening, you will need to create a new one. Hire professionals to create the opening. They will let you know if there is a need for additional structural support [like RSJ] or not.

The maintenance of aluminium bi-fold doors requires normal wiping of each panel with a microfiber cloth and soapy water solution. Also brush away any lose debris trapped within the track, as it can hinder the opening and closing of the doors.

Security & strength

The aluminium bifold door has a slim framework, but is tough enough to support large glass panes. The panels can include security features like a multi-point locking system, and heavy duty handles. They are designed to withstand the rough weather conditions.