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All of us face some sort of tension and stress on a regular basis, but the type of stress covid-19 pandemic has bought along is simply unbeatable. However, luckily, we can still have sex and enjoy our lives during lockdown, or self-isolation.

Thanks to companies like, and their sex toys like Aixi remote control vibrating which makes it possible for couples to have sex even when they are miles apart. Yes, we are talking about such sex toys that your partner can control even if they are not physically close to you.


Remote controlled and App controlled vibrators

Remote and app-controlled sex toys give your partner the power to control their speed and intensity from a distance. Compared to other sex toys, the ones controlled via remote or app are easier to use.


Top 5 vibrators to try while in isolation


  1. Aixi Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties


This amazing product has been a huge hit with couples who want to take their sexual experience to the next level. These panties can fit sex toys from both the categories – one designed for women and one designed for couple pleasure.

Remote controlled clit vibrators come with 10 vibration speeds. They are designed to fit-in in most woman panties, including thongs. Besides, they are easy to hide and comfortably to use for hours. Newest models in the market are easy to connect with WIFI technology, and thus can be operated even from a distance of 10 meters.


  1. Couples Vibrator

The U-shaped vibrator is perfect for some mixed fun. After all, it stimulated the g-spot as well as the clit at the same time. The thicker arm rests over the clitoris, whereas the other hand is inserted in vagina. There are two separate motors installed in each end of the vibrator. When operated, both the motors work in synch with each other and offer an explosive sexual experience.


  1. App controlled vibrator

Phone controlled vibrators usually work via Bluetooth or internet. They are absolutely reliable and can work perfectly for couples living apart. As soon as it is connected, many different functions of the vibrator can be switched on. Some of the extra ordinary features of app-controlled vibrator are:

  • You can synch its vibrations with the music of your favorite song.
  • You can voice control it.
  • You need not to specifically direct the vibrator, just place it and it will manage the rest.


  1. Remote controlled dildo 

This toy just doesn’t look and feel like a real dildo, but it even erects like one. It is compatible to use with a harness as well. Overall, it is fun to use this toy, even when the vibrating mode is off. It is almost 8.5 inches long, but the insert-able length is 6 inches.


  1. App controlled rabbit vibrator

This one is just like a normal rabbit vibrator, but it can be controlled via an app. It has 4 different vibration patterns and 3 intensity levels. Usually, this vibrator is referred as a G-spot centric design, because it works more on the inside, than outside.


Remote and app-controlled vibrators are like the future of sex toys. By the time this technology is being perfected, you can check out the above-mentioned ones and brighten up your sex life even in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.

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