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Stubborn fat can get be removed using liposuction, but what about weight management afterwards? It is a hundred dollar question obese people ask. There is no logic in paying to get a slim trim figure through surgery that will vanish soon.

What is liposuction?

It is a popular cosmetic surgery in which several patients do it a couple of times. The surgery has its risks and side issues. In the process, unwanted fat gets suctioned out from specific areas. A small incision is made and a hollow thin tube [cannula] is inserted inside. At the tip of the cannula, there is a syringe of vacuum that helps to loosen the fat and suction is simultaneously applied to pull out the lipid.

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Liposuction is not an alternative for weight loss – it possibly returns, if you are careless!

You hit the gym intending to reduce your belly flab, but in vain. You tried for more than a year too hard. Soon, you lost the motivation of doing exercise. You decided to go for liposuction but are concerned about whether you will gain weight post-surgery.

The fat cells get eliminated through micro-suction from targeted areas. However, there are still some fat cells left in untreated areas. The fat cells don’t come back to the areas that are treated. Unfortunately, if you put on weight the fat starts accumulating. The new weight gain causes the other fat cells in the body to grow.

If you are inactive, then the fat cell develops as visceral fat. It settles around your organs. It damages your organs and augments the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Liposuction is a powerful motivation

Slim figure promise with exercise, diet, or a weight-loss supplement is insufficient to keep an obese person motivated. The reality of experiencing a slim figure, which they can admire daily, is another story.

You will feel good, confident, and don’t drag yourself on the treadmill or do more planks. It all becomes easy after liposuction. Just looking healthy and fit motivates you to become one. Getting rid of the flab and fat, which became a part of you for years and disturbed you mentally, can find liposuction a powerful enticement.

Tips to maintain liposuction results

The fat removal process can get you a new waistline, which you can brag in a bikini at the beach or the gym. However, to maintain the attractive body there is a need to —

  • Choose a healthy lifestyle including a high protein diet, proper daily calorie intake, and regular physical activities. It ensures that all the stored fat is used as energy.
  • Besides workouts, keep moving. Walk around after every 20 minutes, take stairs, etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, which is essential for better metabolism.
  • Ensure to stay stress-free because it is associated with weight.