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Jewellery not only increases the beauty of apparel worn on special occasions but also intensifies the personality. Among the Indian style of jewellery, Jhumka is one of the most propitious ornaments worn on any occasion. Temple design is in fashion in India.

Different designs of Temple Jhumka

The jhumka gold designs are mainly preferred in South India. The reason for utmost popularity is because they have unique appearances and can be worn by every style of dresses.

  • Classic Goddess Lakshmi Jhumka with white-coloured stones

White stone with Goddess Lakshmi value due to quality of its kind. It could be worn with cultural or indo-western dresses.

  • Four peacocks in one pair

Peacock is considered as the traditional bird of India. This pair is very excellently designed with revealing peacock which gives the royal status to the wearer.

  • Ethnic design

Use of ‘ruby’ stones with ‘emerald’ and ‘kundan’ in the appealing nature and can be worn with sari on wedding ceremonies.

  • Goddess moulded Jhumka

This pair gives a very delightful look. The figure of goddess Lakshmi carved beautifully on the upper end makes everyone astonished. Traditional designs of elephants make them look gorgeous.

  • Goddess Lakshmi in a coin

Goddess Lakshmi inscribed in golden coin is the main attraction. Emerald stone is finely carved in between floral designs decorated with kundan stone.

  • Ruby-Emerald Combination

The solid surface pair of this beautiful jhumka, we could not find anywhere. The elegant matching of ruby and emerald has been used which is the latest trend these days.

Different types of Jhumkas

  • Meenakari jhumka

These earrings are very much famous in Rajasthan. They are very colourful and are mostly found in peacock or paisley patterns.

  • Kashmiri jhumka

These are long hanging chain earrings embedded with pearls and stones. The long chain of this jhumka is either worn behind the ears or pinned with hair. People mostly wear them on festivals.

  • Terracotta jhumka

These jhumkas are made of earthen baked clay earrings made of clay. Designs made on these pieces are of natural beauties or wild animals. As they are skilfully made of clay so it is skin-friendly.

  • Pearl jhumka

Pearl jhumka can be easily matched with traditional dresses. This is the right choice for giving vintage and royal looks to yourselves.

  • Diamond jhumka

These jhumkas are most preferred among modern girls. They give a very glamorous look. They can be perfectly worn on designer attires.

Ecstatic pieces of jhumkas

  • Chandelier jhumkas

This design was discovered by Nizam of Hyderabad due to their favourite sophisticated likings of hanging jewels. These jhumkas have long hanging ends and many times designed in semi-circular shape with an ornamental work of fine wire. They can be worn with Pakistani suits or shararas with earrings of base colour.

  • Dangle jhumka

These earrings look like crescent moon with hoops swinging loosely. These designs also have frills with several stones embedded in different designs. They can be worn with tunics, versatile lehengas and Punjabi juttis.

  • Chand Bali Jhumkas

This famous admired design of earrings reflects Rajasthan culture since the 19th century. Chand bali means ‘moon earrings’ thus shaped in crescent moon with jhumka in addition makes the wearer special. They will look stunning with sari, Anarkali or western swags.


Jhumka is precious jewellery which stays always in fashion. These are worn by women since old royal time till this date. Earnings collection is incomplete without a pair of jhumkas in it.