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High sugar is unhealthy. Not just it harms the physical health but also the quality of sleep. It has been seen that people in America eat a huge amount of sugar daily. This is causing more and more people to lose sleep and become obese. In this article, we are going to look at how sugar causes loss of sleep in a person.

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In What Ways Does Sugar Impact Sleep

After monitoring a group of people, it was found that a diet that has less fiber and more saturated fats, and sugar resulted in higher sleep onset latency and low-quality sleep. Sleep latency is a factor that denotes how much time it takes to get to sleep. Specifically, a high intake of saturated fats and sugar resulted in fragile sleep.

Eating such foods caused people to stay sleepless most of the time. In other words, when a person consumes plenty of sugar then it implies that their sleep gets worse. They will not feel adequately rested in the morning.

How Does Poor Sleep Lead To More Consumption Of Sugar In The Body?

There is another startling revelation about sugar consumption. So far, we have seen that excess sugar causes sleep loss in a person. Science has also proved that lack of sleep also causes a person to consume more sugar. It happens so because low-quality sleep increases food cravings in a person.

As opposed to the common belief that sugar energizes the body, it tires a person. This happens because the high amount of glucose prevents a vital peptide named “orexin” that is responsible for making the body alert. So, when the orexin levels drop in the body, it becomes hungry and tired. In this way, sugar messes with the diet.

What Is the Impact Of Sugar On Inflammation?

There is a close connection between inflammation and sleep. Both of them are regulated via circadian biorhythms. Poor sleep improves the chances of acute and low-quality inflammation that substantially contributes to the disease.

Systemic inflammation can undermine good quality sleep. It does this by triggering psychological and physical changes that make it difficult to get a peaceful sleep. When the level of chemical messengers in the body called cytokines rises beyond a specific level then it causes difficulties in sleeping and gives rise to insomnia.

Inflammation can make the body stiff and cause painful sensations in the body. It also leads to an increase in levels of cortisol hormone those results in alertness and psychological stress in the body.

Due to these effects, the health of a person is affected in a bad way. A sugar-rich diet leads to the formation of harmful biochemical compounds that increases acute inflammation in the body.


Healthy consumption of sugar is important for satisfying sleep. If you are not getting peaceful sleep then look at your sugar consumption. Limit excess consumption of free sugars and increase your water intake. It could help improve your sleep.

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