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According to a survey, only 6% of females reach orgasm through penetrative sex. Therefore, she looks for adult toys to fulfill her desperation to achieve the peak of sexual satisfaction. It was found that more than 78% of American women own a dildo.

How to choose a suitable dildo?

Let’s learn how to choose a suitable dildo from, an online sex toy shop. Choosing the right one first determines the size. For newbies, a small dildo is sufficient because they can try fingering in conjunction.

The average size of a male penis is 5.2”, so several women choose a 6” toy to get some extra length. The sensitive nerve endings inside a vagina are 2” to 3” on the interior. For a ‘filled up’ feeling several gals choose a 6” to 8” dildo and hammer deep as they masturbate.

Realistic or bright-colored

Many realistic silicone dildos offer the feel of a real penis. They are flexible and even have detailing like testicles, throbbing, and pronounced penis head. On the other side, there are non-phallic dildos that are suitable for lesbians or those who are not into penises.


Choose a non-porous material. Medical-grade silicone dildos are versatile in terms of firmness and are easy to clean. Stainless Steel dildos are heavy and stiff, but offer a great G-spot massage. Reinforced glass sex toys are firm and perfect for temperature play.

Creative ways to masturbate with a dildo

Set the mood

Before any sexual activity, it is crucial to set the mood, even if it is solo. Play sexy music, dim the lights, watch some porn or read erotica magazine or sexually touch your body. Ensure you are not disturbed and have lots of time for enjoying the play. Never rush!

Pay attention to your body

Before, you put anything inside pay attention to your body. Does your pussy desire a dildo inside? Do you feel horny? If your pussy clenches on touching, then the timing is wrong to use the dildo. It is better to concentrate on clitoral stimulation. A relaxed pussy means it is a green signal to park the dildo inside!

Warm your pussy

Before inserting the dildo inside it is crucial to warm your pussy. Rub outside or insert two fingers slowly inside to stimulate, arouse, and make way for the dildo. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant to warm the pussy or penetrate your fingers inside.

Deep thrusting play

For more comfort never skimp on a water-based lubricant, but ensure that the toy-base stays lube-free, so you can grip it properly. Keep wipes or towels close by. Ensure to angle the dildo properly towards the cervix and not the bladder. If you slam the bladder, you will feel the urge to pee. For thrusting deep choose a semi-firm or firm dildo. Make sure that you are not pounding the cervix severely or this can cause soreness and pain later-on. Slow down, if you feel a little pain and go less aggressive.

G-spot orgasm

G-spot is on the vagina’s upper wall around 2” to 3” inside. It belongs to the clitoris structure and is extremely sensitive. When you place a finger within the vagina and do a ‘come hither’ sign at the entrance, a tingle of joy will be experienced. Practice and find it to enjoy intense orgasm. G-spot dildos are available, you can invest in them for G-spot play.

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