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Cleaning any premises isn’t mainly about making the place look presentable. Effective cleaning is important for everyone’s health. The current pandemic situation has been reminding us from the very beginning the importance of hygiene. Thorough cleaning of all spaces is the need of the hour. It in fact is a huge return on investment.

It is possible to save roughly 200 hours of labor if proper cleaning techniques are used. A clean and well-maintained office boosts productivity, reduces the risk of falls and keeps employees more focused. If everyone had disinfected the premises properly, we wouldn’t have lost so many lives to several infectious diseases that cropped up last year.

Install quality entrance mats:

Shoe soles are one of the main causes of pathogen transmission. Out footwear is like the warehouse of several pollutants. It is very essential to have an entrance mat at every building entryway which helps to trap the dust, moisture and bacteria from our shoes. Choose best-quality mats to maximize the effectiveness of hygiene maintained.

If you are looking for good-quality entrance mats online, check out the website of Ultimate Mats. They are one of the top mat manufacturers in the US featuring a wide variety of customized mats. Get the mat customized with your business logo to use your mat as a tool to boost your brand recognition.

Learn the right way to clean entrance mats:

Purchasing a good entrance mat is only job half-done. The mat will only serve its purpose if it is cleaned and disinfected properly. Before you purchase any mat, ask the manufacturer about cleaning instructions. The commonly used ways to clean mats are:

  • Washing machine: Some materials can be washed in the washing machine. Depending on the size of the mat, residential washing machine or commercial washing machine is used. If the mat size is large, commercial washing machine is the suitable option as heavy ones may damage your residential washing machine.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners equipped with powerful motor sucks debris and dirt effectively. You can use the vacuum cleaner available at home.
  • Carpet cleaner: Carpet cleaner extracts all dirt and does deep cleaning. It works better than our usual vacuum cleaners.  The cleaning process can be time-consuming though.
  • Damp cloth wash: Rubber mats can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Plain water won’t help in removing stains and small dirt particles and you would have to use a carpet-safe cleaning solution.
  • Shake out the mat: Take your mat outdoors and shake it out daily to remove debris and dirt. A quick shake will work in removing bigger size dirt particles.

The right choice of disinfectant must be used in conjunction with correct cleaning technique to get rid of microorganisms and pathogens. The disinfectant should also be used in the right ratio. Refrain from using household bleach which would result in stained floors and eventually destroy its top layer. The last thing you want is a damaged floor.

Choose the disinfectant after confirming if it is safe to use on the mat. Clean the entrance mats thoroughly and keep infections away.

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