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A domain name is a physical address of your website that the browser needs to direct. It is similar to a street address that GPS needs or a zip code to show directions. The domain name includes two main elements. The website name and domain name extension. For example, – YouTube is the website’s name and .com is its domain name extension.

Every website consists of two key components – The domain name and the Web server. The latter is a physical system that hosts databases and files incorporating your website. The domain name is typed by seekers to access your website.

The web browser points to the server, which stores those resources. If there is no domain name, there will be a need to remember the particular IP address of your server and that is complex. People will be unable to memorize IP address or include in any promoting material.

Different domain name types

On, you will find different types of domain names. It includes –

Top Level Domains [TLD] 

There are more than a thousand TLDs, but common ones are .com, .net, .edu, and .org. IANA is an organization that maintains an official TLD list.

Country Code TLD [ccTLD]

In ccTLDs, two letters based on international country codes are used like .in for India, .us for the United States, etc. Companies building dedicated websites for specific countries use this. It is a good way to tell users they are at the right address.

Generic TLD [gTLD]

gTLD does not depend on country code. They are designed for specific use like .edu aimed at educational institutions or .gov for government establishments or .mil for the military.

Variations of domain names

Second-level domains

A domain name that resides directly below TLDs is called a second-level domain. For example, British organizations rather than .com or for government institutions.


Investing in an extra domain name is not necessary to create divisions within a website. a subdomain can be effectively created pointing to a specific directory on your server. It is useful for blogs that need to be kept separate from the main website, e.g. or

Free domains

From website builders like Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. you can get free domain names. They are just like subdomains, e.g. if you have then it would become or For long-term goals, free domains are not recommended. You invest a little and have your domain address.

Can the domain name be transferred?

Yes, you can transfer domain names between registrars. There are some stipulations to fulfill.

  • After 60+ days of registration you can apply for a transfer
  • There must be no pending delete or redemption status associated with the domain name.
  • You must have the EPP code or domain authorization code at hand.
  • Ownership details of the domain have to be valid.
  • Disable the privacy protection services.

How to find a domain name?

Conduct a domain name search on the MonoVm platform. Enter the preferred domain name and you will see a display of available TLDs or extensions. If the preferred domain is registered then choose another variation or extension using your root keywords. The moment you come up with a preferred and available domain name move to buy it!



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