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If you are a business owner ready to launch a new product line and you wish to get to a large audience base in the fastest possible way, you should pay per click ads a try. These are Google, or social media-based paid ads where you set a budget for an ad campaign and only pay when someone organically clicks on your ad or visits your website as per the ad campaign specifications.

The 2 main platforms for displaying such ads are Google and social media leaders Instagram and Facebook. However, the major confusion that arises while making a PPC ad campaign is that you don’t know which platform you should choose for your ad to be successful without wasting unnecessary budget.

You can instead look for an expert who knows the ABC of Facebook ads management and successful running of PPC ads to get you maximum ROI. You can search on your own or hire experts from the Clubbish team to work for you and help you in getting better conversion data from your ad. They will also form a Facebook strategy for you that will run your ads in different formats to reach the maximum possible target audience.

Google ads

The basis of Google ads is that you pay Google for running your ad in the search engine result or other partnered display networks. When a user is actively searching for something that you can offer, your ad will appear on the top and right listings on the search result page.

Certain features of Google ads are:

  • It is keyword-centric.
  • You have to assign a maximum cost per click to each of your keywords.
  • This helps you in getting organic traffic who is already interested in your business line or what you are offering because they are specifically searching for the same; this increases the chances of getting better conversion rates.

Facebook ads

These are paid ads similar to Google ads, and they can appear anywhere in your newsfeed, marketplace, right-hand column, messenger, as video feeds, or on Instagram feeds. It works because the active users on Facebook are very high, which allows your ad to reach a very large audience in a short time. It is a very affordable SEO tool to quickly promote a new product line.

Some features of Facebook ads are:

  • You can select your audience based on niche interest groups, gender, and demographics.
  • They are very affordable with a very low cost per click and a very high conversion rate which is somewhere around 9%.
  • The best part about Facebook ads is that you can use visuals, images, and videos to attract your audience. It blends in the newsfeed of the audience without disturbing the information flow.

The major difference between the two platforms is that Facebook ads are more passive. On the other hand, if you use Google ads management, you can target more specific users based on their intent of using your service or product.

If you are looking for maximum ROI to positively boost your business, try to use both the platforms strategically and simultaneously. Google ads will help you reach new customers, while Facebook is essentially used to create more brand awareness than selling a product. So, choose what suits your business goals and give a boost to your existing SEO efforts.

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