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Maintaining clean, polished clothes is essential to look nice. It is one of the best ways to present you to create a positive impression. These days, most people are not getting enough time to wash and clean their clothes due to their busy life schedule. The best solution for this problem is, hiring a professional laundry and dry cleaning service.

Although laundry and dry cleaning services seem to be the same, there are a few differences between them. In this article, you can learn about the differences between laundry cleaning and dry cleaning that help you to take proper care of your clothes.

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Dry cleaning vs. Laundry cleaning

Basic differences

The main difference between both methods is the solvent used. In Laundry cleaning, water is used to wash the clothes, whereas in dry cleaning safe chemical solution is used instead of water. Dry cleaning is employed to remove stains on the fabrics like oil, grease, and others. The most commonly used solvents in dry cleaning are Perc (perchloroethylene) or hydrocarbon.

Process differences

The laundry cleaning procedure is a wet process. Once your clothes arrive at the laundry service, they are inspected and alternations are made if needed. If the clothes need any treatment, laundry experts will do them before washing. Clothes are washed with detergent or bleaching agents, and they are dried. Finally, ironing and folding are done before packaging.

The process of dry cleaning is different compared to the laundry cleaning process. In this process, your clothes are inspected for stains and other damages before starting the process. Your clothes are placed in a machine and cleaned by using a solvent. Then, the clothes are washed in fresh solvent to remove the remaining dirt. Later, the clothes are treated with vacuums, water, or streams to eliminate possible dirt traces. The possibility of getting wrinkles is rare, so ironing is not necessary.

Few fabrics, including silk, cashmere, wool, and leather, get damaged when you wash them with water. Dry cleaning can help to protect these sensitive fabrics from damages. Also, dry cleaning reduces fading of clothes and preserves their color. By this, your valuable outfits will last for a longer time without losing their new look.

A laundry cleaning process is ideal to remove general spots and stains on the clothes. With laundry cleaning, clothes make you feel fresh without chemical odor. If you want to remove stubborn stains like ink, oil, and grease, dry cleaning is a perfect choice.

If you want to compare both the methods, they seem to be different from one another. In the point of the feature, both look different, but they are used to maintain the fabric better. So, it is good to choose the right method for the right clothes to attain the best outcome. Choose the best laundry and dry cleaning service and hire them today to maintain your outfit as new.





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