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Every Christian living anywhere on the globe fully knows about the Seven Seals of Revelation. The book of Revelation illustrates that the final judgment of the Almighty can be known only at the end time when the planet will no longer exist. The fifth chapter of the book reveals that a scroll was given to Jesus in heaven. The scroll conceals the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls that indicate the ways the world is going to end and the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Now more in detail about the second seal in Revelation-

  • When the Lamb opens the second seal of the scroll, a fiery red horse can be seen along with the rider holding a huge sword. It is stated that the antichrist person riding the horse will conquer the earth to lead to devastation.
  • There won’t be any peace on the planet and everywhere people will be encountering death. The evil wings of terror, natural calamities and destruction reap out the peace of living beings.
  • The red color of the horse is compared to the fire that you visualize on pyres. It is the color of the blood that will be shed during the world wars. It will be the blood of sacrifice, of martyrs or the blood of innocent people strangled in the web of violence.
  • The sword isn’t a simple one used in war. It is a long dagger that is often used to sacrifice animals on the pretext of offering for Gods.
  • The fierce person riding the magnificent red horse symbolizes the cruelty of mighty power that can kill millions of poor souls to achieve their greedy goals. The person has ample power to end the peace of human beings and influence them to kill each other.
  • The era when the fierce men will rule will mark the end of humanity and the beginning of cruelty and decisiveness.  People will murder each other to prove their mightiness and to fight with each other to solve their differences.
  • Peace is removed from the world, replaced by hate, fear and death. Eventually, world war will break out that will be fought between most of the country leading to devastation. The great warfare led by wicked people is sure to kill humanity residing on the planet, Earth.

All the seven seals on the scroll state the ways the world will end and mankind will lose their serenity. They can only escape the destruction by praying to God, doing good deeds and helping their fellow beings. They need to follow the path of honesty, peace and have an abundance of faith that their Lord is sure to save them from these evil times.

You can understand more by reading the book, The Interpretation of the Second Seal written by Clive Richards.

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