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There are several secrets to keeping your electric razors in top shape. The razors are small indispensable tools that help us to look our best. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is important to keep these little devices safe from damage. If you need to maintain your electric shaver to remain in top condition, the following six hacks will help you achieve this easily.

1). Clean up the razor

Cleaning up your razor is essential for maintaining your electric razors. When left uncleaned, the foil and blades of the electric shaver can be damaged by nasty build-ups. When you do not clean your razors, you make it easy for dirt, dead skin, hair clippings, and many nasty elements to stick to the blade. These nasty things create an environment for bacteria to thrive. When you sanitize the razor, you end up getting smoother and closer shaves. This will greatly minimize the risk of getting the skin infected by bacteria. You should properly clean your electric razors after each use. Then again, you should ensure that all components are died completely before putting the product back together and carefully store it in your cabinet when you are done.

2). Lubricate the razor

During use, there is friction generated as the cutting blades move against the combs or foils. This friction usually causes premature wear. This means that sooner; you could be replacing the parts of the razor.

Additionally, friction can lead to the generation of excess heat. This can lead to comfort and irritation. To fix all of these problems, you only need to add a simple lubricant to the cutting blades. This is done with the use of light lubricating oil. All you need to do is to add a single drop of the lubricant on each comb/foil. According to best electric razor reviews, many manufacturers like Panasonic or Braun usually add a little lubricant bottle to their package. But any brand of machine lubrication oil will work here.

3). Use the lubricant with a spray cleaner

Though cleaning sprays can be omitted, they work excellently with lubricants to ensure proper maintenance. This method can be used in cases where the shaver has a problem cutting hair effectively. You can use the spray cleaner with the aforementioned lubricating method. They will help lubricate the shaver. They will also degrease, clean, and dissolve deposits of hard water. There are many spray cleaners for electric razors in the market.

4). Handle your electric razors with care

For durability and long-term use, it is important to handle your shavers with the care that they deserve. Many of these shavers could be durable and sturdy; they are built with fragile cutting assemblies. If handled poorly, these parts of the shavers could get damaged. Also, your foils and blades are highly susceptible to mechanical shocks. For instance, avoid touching or tapping the foils harshly during cleaning. You should always store the shavers using the protective cap and follow all maintenance instructions from the manufacturers.

5). Prolong the life of the battery of the shaver

You can simply extend the battery of your shaver according to the way you charge it. Many electric razors are built with a Lithium-ion battery. You should always maintain battery levels that range from 30% to 80%. Also, you need to avoid both extreme cold and hot temperatures with the shaver.

6). Replace the blades and the foils

Irrespective of whether you have a foil or rotary razor, the cutting parts will wear out eventually, and you will need to get them replaced. If you do not replace them, the razor will perform poorly. Depending on how often you use your razor, you will need to change these parts from time to time. This means that you will need to consider the cost of the blades and foils when looking for a good razor to buy.