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In most cases, standard packing services offered by professional movers will suffice to protect household items. Once you realize that you will not be able to pack your belongings by yourself for any reason (e.g. lack of time, inexperience, difficulty coordinating with friends, heavy furniture, household appliances), it is time to find out how much a moving company will charge for your packing.

Once you have decided professional packing services are the best option, qualified packers will arrive at the home with all the necessary packing supplies and years of experience. You don’t need to place special items in crates unless they fall under the standard category. This should be good news for your budget.

If you are moving some of these extremely valuable or expensive possessions, however, consider crating on-site.

  • Paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts that are priceless can be a treasure trove.
  • High-end items are made from glass, marble, or another highly breakable material.
  • Antique furniture, including mirrors;
  • Precious chandeliers;
  • Collectibles that are worth a lot can be a great investment.
  • Wine bottles made from high-priced wines
  • It is impossible to pack electronic equipment in a standard manner because it is too delicate and expensive.
  • A motorcycle that is too precious to be carried any other way.

Sometimes, even if your items are more valuable than others, it can be difficult to determine if custom crating is necessary. It is important to get the opinion of experts from a reputable custom-cracking company about your case.

What is custom crating?

Learn how crating on-site works and what you can do to get the best crating and packing services in your area.

Step 1. Fill out the form at the top to get a quote and let the best custom crate service providers get back to you. This is the easiest way to sign that first contract. You can also use Google Search to locate custom crate builders close to you, but this will require more time.

Step 2. In most cases, a professional opinion from a moving company offering custom crating will help you determine what is best for your sentimental or monetary possessions.

Step 3. You should not accept the first offer that is made to you. Instead, get quotes from at least three professionals who can help you compare the prices and terms of custom crate services.

Step 4. The moving specialist will carefully measure your valuables before beginning work on the wooden shipping containers. The work can be more complicated than you think. There are two layers of protection: the soft protective shell around the item (custom packaging with lots of bubble wrap) as well as the hard protective shell, which is basically the hardwood walls of the custom-crate. Additionally, high-value items will need to be properly immobilized within the crate. The success of any relocation is dependent on this immobilization. Experts often use specialized bracing, blocking, and fixing elements to complete the job.

Step 5. How much does custom crating cost? Prices for custom crates can vary from professional to professional movers, but one thing you need to remember is that custom crating services tend to be quite expensive. It’s easy for people to see why custom crating is so expensive. Crating rates depend on the dimensions of the crate and how difficult it is to protect and secure the item.

Custom crate services can be expensive but are usually worth it. It will cost you more to replace or repair an extremely special item. Some possessions are irreplaceable and cannot be replaced, no matter how much money. You can also keep your custom-made reusable crates to use later when you move.

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