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Professional development (PD), a deliberate, systematic process to improve the skills and attitudes of staff, is designed and implemented with intent.

This site contains tools and resources that can be used by people who provide PD services to staff at a state department of education, state department of health, school districts, and school communities as well as national organizations.

Understanding professional development

PD Training is a great way to target a specific group with learning objectives. It is crucial to choose the right type of PD event to assess the knowledge and skills that will be gained. To provide the best PD events, providers must have consistent definitions. Understanding that workshops and training are not the same things is crucial. One can have long-lasting benefits while the other might increase awareness.

Professional development is continuing education and training that helps people improve their skills and keep current with the latest trends.

Professionals in many fields need to continue education and learning. This is often required to keep their jobs or maintain their designations, licenses, or certifications. These cases may be because the field has particular continuing education or continuing professional education.

Professional development is not limited to continuing education. It can also refer to a variety of training or educational opportunities that are relevant to the professional’s job. Professional development is something that professionals will seek out even if it’s not necessary.

PD is consciously designed for the active engagement of learners. It includes planning, design and promotion, delivery, follow up and evaluation. This could include information sessions and technical assistance.

Different types of professional development events

Training– Training is a learning experience that employers provide to employees. It is designed to help them acquire new skills and knowledge that they can use immediately upon their return to work.

Workshop– A program that provides education for a select group of people and focuses on skills and techniques in a specific field that can have long-term benefits.

Workshops and training last 3 hours or more and are highly effective in transferring skills.

Technical assistance- Technical assistance is a tailored guide that meets the needs of specific sites. This can be done through collaboration between specialists and the sites. Technical assistance is tailored to the site’s culture and circumstances. It can be delivered by phone, email, internet, or in person.

Presentations can be a speech or visual presentation tailored for specific audiences like school administrators and faculty, educators or health professionals, adolescents or parents, students at college, legislators, or any other community group.

Information Session- Information Session is a presentation or other instructional activity that is delivered in a brief time frame and focuses on one topic.

The information and presentations are presented in a brief time frame (30 minutes to 3 hours), and they focus on a particular program topic.

Is Professional Development Important?

Many people don’t invest in their professional development. A third of employees say that they don’t do anything to improve or upgrade their skills. These employees don’t worry about their future careers. While many may be successful at their job, they are either satisfied with their current position or don’t worry about the future.

You can get a head start on your peers by taking advantage of professional development, continuing education, and planning your career. You’re more likely to succeed and achieve your goals if you are determined and take control of your career.

What is the purpose of professional development?

Professional development provides professionals with the chance to acquire and use new skills and knowledge that will help them in their jobs and advance their careers. Professional development is about expanding your knowledge and skill set in your chosen field.

Professional development is not only beneficial for you but also for your employer. Professionals like you can learn and improve your skills, which will increase your worth as well as your company’s value.

Both young and old professionals can benefit from professional development and training opportunities. These are just a few of the many benefits, but it is not exhaustive.



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