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Two decades ago, people spent hours hunting for a cool screensaver. Are you missing the hunt of finding the coolest screensaver, today? Is a screensaver relevant in this advanced technology era?

Screensavers were crucial once, but today they are obsolete. The modern screens don’t need protection from screensaver, but there are some reasons people may need it. For example, a shark aquarium or jellyfish aquarium screensaver allows viewers to feel relaxed and rebooted. It boosts your morale, which can have an optimistic impact on your productivity. Check the Uscenes aquarium screensaver published on YouTube to see how it affects your mind before buying it. 

Is screensaver applicable today?

The logic of screensavers associated with fun and entertainment is solid. Screensavers that are used to protect CRT monitors are a once upon a time story. The CRT monitors created images using red, blue, and green lights at different intensities. 

When the same image was displayed for a long time, the color settled on the screen permanently causing ‘image burn or burn-in. Screensavers used to take action when the computer was not in use. It played a video that disturbed the static pixels and thus prevented image burns. 

It is relevant today only if plasma screens or CRT monitors are sued. LED and LCD monitors don’t cause burn-in issues. Today, monitors and displays are primarily LED or LCD, so the need for a screensaver is debatable. 

The LED and LCD monitors displaying the same image for several weeks or days cause [stuck pixels’. Unlike CRT burn-in, it is a temporary issue that can be fixed with software.

Several people assume the screensaver program to be intended for saving energy. It is completely false. When a screensaver is running the computer uses more power to keep the screen ON. 

How corporate screensavers are helpful?

In an organization, screensavers are beneficial in multiple ways. It allows delivering key messages, again and again, to ensure the meaning sinks in. It is a great way to reinforce communication campaign efforts. All the employees are kept informed by targeting their desktops. It is a place employees are available all day. 

When an internal change project is implemented, a corporate screensaver allows communication with the staff in a meaningful and fun way. Change management is hard because many staff members resist because they don’t desire to try something strange. 

Even if screensavers are said to use electricity, they are helpful in a corporate setting as a great communication strategy. Corporate screensavers allow for decreasing information overload including the main message on screensavers. Customize and create a dynamic message that motivates the staff and keeps them in synch. 

Repetition allows better recall. Screensavers are repetitive, so employees will recall your message with ease. Idle computers are put to good use….as communication tools with screensavers!

Screensaver’s relevancy today is different than what it was designed for in the past. It does not have to protect from CRT burn-in, but is used as a security layer when you have to suddenly leave the monitor and move away. No one can gain access without a password. Screensavers can display stunning landscapes, nature, waterfalls, funny animal stunts, inspirational quotes, reminders, and even play games directly. 

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