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If you’ve ever seen an MMA fight, you know it’s non-stop action. In an octagon, fighters use a combination of striking, grappling, and will to win.

To succeed in mixed martial arts, fighters must know a variety of styles. Boxing, kickboxing, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling

They must also be in great shape. Having to work hard until the last bell.

Fighting Fit

Even better, you don’t have to train every day to gain the benefits. An MMA exercise may be quite diverse because of the combat’s rapid motions. This is also a fun way to burn fat.

Beginners will like this MMA-inspired workout. A beginner may have fun and earn with no time constraints.

Do the specified repetitions, resting as required. Remember that MMA is all about speed. On a scale of 1-10, aim for a 6. 30 seconds pause between rounds, then repeat!

Full Body Fight Routine

1 X 10 Pushups

Pushups help develop the punching chest, arms, and shoulders. Maintain a flat back and a tight core throughout.

Starting high with hands beneath shoulders.

• Gradually lower your body to the floor.

• Exhale and raise your body.

Rep 10 times.

Don’t worry if you fail. Try it on your knees.

Feet Up Ab Crunch X 10

This exercise is common in Muay Thai gyms. It energizes the lower abs while also energizing the upper abs.

• 90-degree knee bend, feet in the air

Do not pull on the neck when clapping behind the head.

• Lift your head and shoulders.

• Controlled return to the floor

Rep these steps ten times.

8 Bjj Get Ups

Safe grounding is a basic BJJ technique. The moves are necessary to get up in BJJ.

Glute, core, and shoulders are worked here.

• Start sitting, knees bent, feet flat.

• Put your left foot forward.

• With your right hand, lean to the other side.

• Balance the right leg on the left foot.

• Step up by swinging your right leg behind you.

4 repetitions per side.

8 X Skipping Knees

Skipping knees require the attacker to quickly hop from one foot to the other.

• Strike with one foot in front of the other.

• Drive your back leg forward, using your knee as a point.

• As you return it, place it on the floor and bend your left knee.

This move should feel like skipping once it’s mastered. Rep each side for a total of 10 reps.

Forward Lunge With High Guard

In a round-winning takedown, the forward lunge is perfect! It uses the bigger muscles in the lower body to burn calories. Keep a high guard to avoid counters throughout this workout.

• Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

• Lunge forward with your right leg, core tight. Land on your heel instead of your toes.

Avoid hitting your knees on the ground when attempting a forward lunge. Faster isn’t always better. 1 action = 1 repeat each side.

• Bonus: Split squat between your friend’s legs. Grab behind their knees to achieve a double-leg entrance.

6 X Squat Roundhouse Kicks

This combination of exercises builds leg power and core stability. You start with a body-weight squat and end with a roundhouse kick. Look at the technique of UFC for some inspiration.

Set your feet shoulder-width apart and look forward.

• Squat deep with a straight back and heel weight.

• Using your leg muscles, explode upwards.

• At the top, roundhouse kick with your right leg.

• Return to your starting stance and throw the left leg again.

For the hottest female mma fighters, aim for a championship bout. Push hard for 5 rounds and move during your rest.

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