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If you want to sleep well, try to maintain the temperature at 65° if at all feasible. That is, according to the national sleep foundation. Many people sleep better when their surroundings are colder. Choosing a mattress made of materials that will not absorb and retain heat near your body is a simple technique to regulate your internal body temperature.

However, when it comes to mattress materials, several individuals wrongly assume that latex is heated. This is most likely owing to their confusion between latex and memory foam. A latex mattress, on the other hand, promotes air circulation, allowing you to sleep cooler at night.

The distinction between latex and memory foam mattresses

Many people are unaware of the distinctions between memory foam and latex since both are formed like foam blocks and adapt to your body. However, they are highly distinct and are made of very diverse materials. A natural latex mattress is constructed of latex, which is derived naturally from the sap of the rubber tree. A memory foam mattress is made of a synthetic material that is a petroleum derivative noted for storing heat.

The open-cell structure of latex mattresses allows the foam to breathe. Pinholes in the mattress caused by the manufacturing process aid in the optimization of air circulation. As you move about while sleeping, air flows in and out of your mattress via the pinholes and open-cell structure, allowing you to sleep cooler.

Memory foam, on the other hand, has a closed-cell structure that retains heat more than latex and may cause you to sleep uncomfortable.

Other factors affecting cold or hot

When it comes to sleeping hot, not only does the inner material composition of your latex mattress crucial but so does the environment outside your mattress. The physical environment of your bed, your body weight, and the temperature of the room might all contribute to the heat.

Another consideration is the mattress cover. Latex mattresses encased in mattress coverings aren’t breathable, and they might restrict how dry and cool you remain while sleeping. Most manufacturers take this into account when designing mattress coverings, and provide organic cotton covers that are cool and breathable.

Why should you get a latex mattress?

Bed 2 Go latex mattresses are built from moisture-wicking, breathable materials, allowing you to sleep cool and dry. The moisture-wicking, cool gots certified organic cotton creates a very welcoming sleeping surface.

The Talalay method is also used by bed 2 go. This is a completely natural latex manufacturing technology that allows for a cooler, more breathable open cell structure mattress. The Talalay method gives you the lower sleep temperature you need for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping heated has a variety of repercussions. Sweating might provide extra comfort as a result of your body’s heat. Overheating might impair your sleep quality since it causes sweating and is generally unpleasant. Furthermore, perspiration may promote bacterial development because the combination of moisture and heat provides an environment conducive to bacterial growth. This may have an impact on your general health as well as the longevity of your mattress.

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