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The coins that make it to the headlines are the multi-million dollar coins. These become the subject of the news articles because they are sold in major auctions. Some such currencies are historically important coins and they are attainable by the numismatists in such auctions. 

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Coins Preferred by the Coin Collectors 

Here are some of the rare coins that are in great demand by collectors. 

  1. 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent 

Lincoln Cent first came into existence in 1909. It is an indication of the year when Abraham Lincoln was born. It is one of the many coins that are in great demand by coin collectors. 

  • 1652 New England Shilling 

This coin is important in the world of both the billionaires and the non-billionaires. This coin represents the first government that was formed in the United States with the thirteen colonies.  

  • 1943 Bronze Planchet Lincoln Cent 

This coin is recognised as one of the famous error coins. The beauty of these coins is that they create a sensation in the world of coin auctions every time they hit the auction. It was introduced in the year when the Second World War was at its peak, and hence the production was stopped after 1.1 billion coins were made. 

  • 1792 Half Dime 

This is the coin that was minted by the United States. The production of these coins started when President George Washington gave away all his silverware for the production of these coins. 

  • 1937-D 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel 

The name, 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel was formed when the overzealous polishing of the coin resulted in the removal of the front leg of the bison on the coin. It is the coin that is listed as one of the rare ones made in the 1940s. 

  • 1907 St. Gaudens Double Eagle with High Relief Wire Rim

This is the name that is listed in the most sought coins by collectors around the globe. This coin is the first one that was released for public access. 

  • 1895 Proof Morgan Dollar 

This coin is also known by the name “King of Morgan Dollars”. Studies on the vintage coins have the records of 12,000 Morgan Dollars, and further entries on all these coins are currently missing. The available proof Morgan Dollar coins in the world are only 880, and hence they are in great demand today. 

  • 1861-S Liberty Head Paquet Reverse Double Eagle

This coin was designed by the assistant of Mint Anthony C- Paquet. These coins were of the value of $20. Their production began with the coins of too narrow dimensions, which made it impossible for stacking them, and hence the dimension was recalculated accordingly. 

Many such coins are in great demand by coin collectors. Hence, they are sold like hot cakes every time they hit the auction houses. 

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