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Myopia or short-sightedness is a common eye issue due to misshapen cornea, eyeball, or lens. They affect your retina while focusing on light, making vision blurry for distant objects. So, if you face any difficulty in seeing objects that are at a distance or their vision is blurry, then it is better to opt for eyeglasses.

One needs to consult an optometrist to test and correct vision if they suffer from headaches or frequent rubbing of the eyes due to strain. A good optometrist will prescribe you the right lenses to enhance your vision in whatever environment you are, either at home, school, or even the workplace.

Distance vision glasses are widely used concave lenses that are used to correct myopia or short-sightedness. These minus (-) power dioptric lenses improve your distance vision perfectly. These are single-vision lenses that are slightly thicker at the edges. You can choose any reputed spectacle makers that use organic cellulose acetate to make the glasses.

If you want your prescription distance glasses done, then you must visit the Banton Frameworks lens laboratory. They create top-quality optical including sunglasses and prescription lenses with CR39, Trivex, and polycarbonate materials. Especially, for manufacturing lenses, they have partnered with Lensology to maintain the standards. However, the lenses are fitted to the handmade frames by the Banton Frameworks lens laboratory.

When to update your Glasses?

After the age of 40, all those who have myopia need to update their glasses to varifocal lenses. The reason is that your close-up vision may deteriorate. This is an age-related issue called presbyopia. If you can invest in varifocal lenses, you could see everything, whether it is far or near, or any in-between objects.

Another important factor to consider when updating your glasses is if you drive. If you aren’t even able to read a number plate from 20 meters or meet the vision standards for driving, then you must choose to wear eyeglasses after consulting an optician.

What kind Of Glasses You Should Have?

You can correct your short-sightedness by choosing the right glasses according to your prescription. Given below are some types which you can anyone from:

  • Eyezen lenses
  • An updated version of single vision lenses.
  • They are designed in such a way that they decrease straining of eye.
  • Suitable for those working digitally.
  • Provides vision at high-resolution.
  • They are tailored to reflect your modern way of lifestyle.
  • Varifocal glasses
  • They are the best glasses if you have developed presbyopia recently.
  • They also correct long-sightedness that affects your age.
  • You will be able to see anything either far, near, or in between after wearing them.
  • Varilux lenses
  • Varilux lenses are easier than varifocals to wear.
  • They offer clear vision and complete and smooth adjustments between the zones.
  • Varilux varifocal range of lenses is optimized according to your needs to correct your distance vision.

One out of every three individuals has Myopia in the UK, and Banton Frameworks is here to help. Reach out to them and get you the best glasses.

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