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Carpets can become smelly over time if they’re not properly cleaned. One way to keep carpet clean is to use logo mats. These mats are made of a rubber material and have a textured finish. This texture helps to catch dirt and debris before it reaches your flooring. When you vacuum, the textured finish also helps to remove dirt and dust.

Vacuum Carpet Regularly

You can prevent dirt, crumbs, and other debris from getting trapped between the fibers, which can lead to odor problems. You should vacuum your carpets at the very least twice a week. You might have pets, or you live in a busy household. To clean your carpets, vacuum twice per week.

Deep Cleaning Occasionally

Deep-down dirt, grime, and odors can be removed from carpet fibers by deep cleaning them at least twice a year. Deep cleaning can be done by a professional or you can do it yourself using a commercial-grade shampooer.

Deep cleaning carpets can be done with steam cleaning. Steam helps loosen dirt and grime deep within your carpet fibers. It makes it easier for carpets to absorb these contaminants. Your carpet will be cleaner and fresher smelling.

No Shoes at the Door

Shoes can carry dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from the outdoors, in public bathrooms, and wherever else you go. More than 90% of the bacteria in your shoes end up on your carpets or other flooring when your shoes are worn indoors. You can not only bring in bacteria that could make you sick but also contaminants that can increase the odors in your carpet.

Increase Ventilation

Carpet fibers can absorb any odors found in your home. You can reduce the odors in your home by improving ventilation. It is a great way to let in the fresh air and eliminate odors by keeping your windows open whenever it is possible.

Deal with Spills

Odors can be caused by food spills or other spills. Strong odors can also be caused by milk and other dairy products.

If you don’t act quickly, food and drink spillages can seep into the padding and subfloor below. You should carefully pick up and scrape any food spillages.

To soak up liquid spillages, use a clean cloth instead of rubbing. You can press the stain into the fibers if you rub. The fibers can also be damaged by rubbing.

Use Baking Soda to Deodorize

There are many options for carpet deodorizers. You can purchase commercial products, or you can make your own with baking soda. This household item can neutralize odor and make your carpet smell more pleasant.

To add a pleasant scent, you can either use regular baking soda or mix in essential oil. Essential oils should not be used if you have pets. Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus and tea tree, citrus, peppermint, or wintergreen, can be harmful to pets.

Activities that Cause Odors

Carpet fibers absorb odors from the surrounding area. Keeping your home smelling fresh can help to keep your carpets clean. You should not smoke in your home as cigarette smoke can be embedded in carpet fibers.

Use Rugs

Rugs can be used to protect carpets that are subject to heavy foot traffic. This will reduce wear and minimize odors. Rugs catch dirt and bacteria that can cause odor-causing diseases in carpet fibers. Rugs are easier to clean, vacuum, or shake out than carpets.

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