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Is your teenager eager to get their driver’s license? Is your 16-year-old excited to be driving the family car on their 16th Birthday? Parents know that this is a time of anxiety and stress. Many parents worry about the reasons teenagers are so excited to get their driver’s license. Parents often wonder whether they should enroll their kids in a driver’s education program, or teach them how it works in an empty lot. Spending money on a driver’s education course can bring many benefits. Here are some benefits to be aware of.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many car insurance companies offer discounts to teenagers who have completed a driver’s training course. With some insurance companies, this discount can reach as high as 25% and can help save parents a lot of money when they add their kids to an auto insurance policy. To find out which insurance companies accept driver’s education courses and offer discounts, consult a licensed agent. You may be eligible for a discount if you take a preferred driver’s course with some insurance companies.

Mechanical Knowledge

What percentage of people can change their car’s tires in the event of a flat tire? How many people out there are familiar with what to do if your car gets too hot on the road? Because these courses teach drivers not only the rules but also practical car skills, they are more popular. Driver’s education courses cover basic mechanics of vehicles, including where the radiator is located, how an oil pan works, and how to change flat tires. This information can prove invaluable if a car breaks down or a young driver is on his own. While it sounds cliché, the truth is that knowledge does make a difference.

Road Rules

According to studies, most people could benefit from some refresher courses on road rules. It is a fact that people who have been driving for a long time tend to be less familiar with modern driving rules. Most people only retain enough information from a driver’s manual to pass the test. Then, they forget. A driver’s education course is where people are exposed more to the information and tested on every aspect of it multiple times. They are also required to follow the rules of the road in front of an instructor as well as their peers. This practice is proven to improve memory and help people drive more safely when they’re on their own.

Greater Awareness Of Drugs And Alcohol

It is one thing for your teenager to stop drinking and driving. It’s quite another for your teenager to be forced to watch videos showing the devastating consequences of drunk driving, or people driving while high on drugs. That is the purpose of most driving lessons courses: to increase awareness about the dangers that drugs and alcohol pose to motor vehicle drivers. Many driver’s education courses include law enforcement officers who speak about the effects of drunk driving. And these speeches are more popular with young drivers than any lectures they hear from their parents at dinner.

Personal Responsibility

Driving education courses teach drivers a sense of personal responsibility for operating a vehicle. The driver’s education course teaches teens that all accidents are their fault. They also learn that they are responsible not only for their own lives but the lives of any passengers. People who complete driver’s education are more aware of the responsibility associated with holding a license. It’s not about driving your parents’ car. It is common for people who enroll in a driver’s education course to feel a strong sense of personal accountability and not just those whose parents taught their children how to drive.