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Flowers are a great way to pay respects to the deceased. You will often see arrangements of flowers displayed at funerals, memorial services, and burials. This shows that funerals are a tradition of giving flowers.

Some people might reconsider giving flowers to the funeral and instead opt for condolence money. Although cash is a great financial support option, flowers as funeral tokens offer a deeper value than money.

These are some reasons you shouldn’t neglect to send funeral flowers, as much as cash donations.

1. Funeral Flowers Have A Greater Sentimental Value

Although flowers may not be able to speak, their stillness can communicate the pain too. Flowers have a language that expresses deep feelings of understanding and sympathy. This is something money can’t buy.

Sending flowers to condolences means that, you care about the deceased and will always be thinking of them. Imagine the loss of a loved one, and then seeing the coffin filled with flowers. It will be a wonderful way to remember your loved one and show that you are valued by others.

2. Funeral Flowers Are More Memorable

Even though flowers eventually die, the token of love will always be there for the grieving people. While cash might be useful in financial situations, it is easy to forget about the person who gave it. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, can be seen at burials and wakes. This will serve as a permanent reminder that you were there for the grieving person every step of their journey.

3. Funeral Flowers Have A Spiritual Significance

Flowers are symbolic symbols that touch the soul. Both flowers and humans share the same truth: death is inevitable. It can also be attributed to the Christian belief that life is temporary.

Funeral flowers, unlike financial donations, will convey the message that human lives are fleeting and remind us all of how precious our time is. A simple gesture like this can help the grieving person feel understood and more sincere.

4. Funeral Flowers Are More Than Just For Displays

Flowers being given in times of sorrow can be traced back thousands of years ago when embalming was still a distant concept. Flowers were not only used to pay respect to the deceased but also for their scent to counter decaying body odors. This has been a living tradition for many years. Even though embalming is a well-established tradition, floral arrangements are still a crucial part of funerals. They not only serve to decorate but also to mask the stench of corpses.

5. Funeral Flowers Can Be Personalized

Flowers are customizable, unlike condolence money. They can be tailored to your message. Flowers come in a variety of colors and types that reflect a person’s personality. Each flower has meanings beyond its physical appearance. Participating in the selection of floral arrangements can help bring your family closer to their hearts.

6. Sending Funeral Flowers Shows More Effort

While sending flowers has become easier thanks to online service it is still more laborious than just giving money. The effort and time spent on this token of respect, from arranging the flowers and nitpicking the florist to paying the bill, will be greatly appreciated.

It is not easy to lose a loved one. Gifts may not be enough to ease the pain. A simple gesture of sending flowers in sympathy to your family can show support that is deeper than financial.

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