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Masturbation is a pleasurable activity for men. They want to release that sexual tension when their partner is gone. It is safe for men to do, and they do it frequently.

Some males do not masturbate at all, while others do it frequently. Many men accomplish it naturally, but some require lotion. But why they apply lotion?

Men use the best lotion for masturbation to make the act more exciting. Lotion makes the surface slicker, which makes it easier for men to ejaculate. Due to the experience of masturbating with lotion, it stands out in comparison to simply using bare hands. Without lotion, a man’s penis could get dry and irritated.

Many individuals still have illusions about this helpful product, whether you name it lotion, lubrication, or just plain lube. Lotion is actually far more beneficial than you might imagine, despite the common misconception that it is mainly used by youngsters and the elderly.

Why do men prefer to use lotion to masturbate?

Even if they never share it, the fact is many men masturbate. Apply lotion to enjoy masturbation and make it smooth and playful.

Most men prefer to masturbate with their hands, but now they find it tedious and unpleasurable. During masturbation, lotion might be thought of as your best buddy.

Lotion application is beneficial. Men ejaculate more quickly making it slicker. If you masturbate day after day, masturbating without applying lotion could take some time and may not be a good idea. The excessive friction is causing your penis to become dry and inflamed.

As long as you regularly masturbate, using only your bare hands is possible. What about the men who perform it three times per day? It would not make sense. With the lotion, friction can be lessened and it feels nicer. Just keep in mind that because the penis is a delicate area, some lotions may irritate your skin.

We have also heard that some men prefer to masturbate applying their saliva. That, in our opinion, would be a irritant and even nasty. However, in general most men would choose any lotion over saliva considered how comfortable and hygienic it is.

Men who are accustomed to using lotion will find it uncomfortable to masturbate without it. If you don’t grip it too firmly when you are just starting off, it might be pleasant without lotion.

However, in general, some would advise against applying lotion because they are reluctant to spend money on it. Whether you choose to use lotion or not is a matter of personal preference.

Lotion makes both your sex and masturbation safer

When using a certain sex toy, we would always advise applying lotion because insufficient lubrication can result in harm. Lotion can also help condoms stay on your fingertip longer, which could improve their ability to prevent STIs.

Simply make sure to use a silicone- or water-based lotion, as other types could harm the condom.

Pick the right lotion

Ineffectiveness and/or injury can result from using the incorrect lotion. To prevent problems of this nature, do not combine silicone-based lotions alongside condoms or silicone toys, for instance.